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Widowed at the age of 46, she turned her attention to promoting Christianity - not just by financial means, but by embarking on a grand tour of China to personally foster the development of that religion through appointments of priests and the building of churches. On the folding plate we thus find a large cross decorated with Chinese extracts and Cantonese transliterations from the Apostles' Creed, but also giving prominence to Candida's defining traits with the Chinese characters for faith, hope, and love. We note that the work is sometimes encountered incomplete e.

Cordier Sinica Western Travellers in China II, , 8. About this Item: Hamburg: S. Heyl und J. Liebezeit ; kl. Henze I, f.

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Lb 23 - Atabey - vgl. Apponyi u. Graesse VI, Kriegsverfassung sowie zur mohammedanischen Religion. Einband etwas berieben u. Die ehemals goldgepr. Wappensupralibros oxydiert.

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Wappenexlibris u. Exlibris Adhemari Baronis a Linden. Stempel, Titel u. Vortitel etw. Second German edition. The explanation of the frontispiece is in verse.

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An earlier edition appeared at Frankfurt in A continuation in " Atabey. With 2 engr.

Second issue in the year of first publication. It is singled out by the high quality of its wealth of illustrations" Chatzipanagioti-Sangmeister. The first edition was published by Coustelier in Paris, ; the same year saw the second edition Merigot and Piget in Paris as well as the third Mortier in Amsterdam. Aboussoan About this Item: O. Titel mit monogr.

Besitzvermerk, leicht fleckig. I, Theal Mendelssohn I, Kainbacher VD 18 About this Item: Paris, Antoine de Sommaville, Rare first edition of "the oldest complete translation of the Qur'an into a European vernacular" Encylopedia of the Qur'an. Du Ryer's work served as the basis for further translations of the Qur'an into English, German, Dutch, and Russian, and was instrumental in introducing Europeans to the tenets of the Muslim faith. Du Ryer was a celebrated linguist and had lived in Egypt and Turkey, where he studied classical Arabic.

His introduction briefly summarizes the Muslim religion for Christian readers, noting customs such as Ramadan, circumcision, the practice of having up to four wives, the significance of Mecca and Medina, Sufi brotherhoods and wandering ascetics, and finally the Islamic recognition of Jesus as a prophet but not the son of God. A prayer printed in Arabic is included on the verso of leaf e2. The deprecatory tone present in the introductory chapter, 'Sommaire de la religion des Turcs,' can be understood as an attempt at camouflage cf.

Provenance: ms. Bauzit of Castelnaudary his ownership on title and flyleaf. Chauvin X, p. Schnurrer Brunet III, Encyclopedia of the Qur'an V, Indosinica - Griep-L. Japankarte, vgl. Als Teile 4 u. Titel u. Cox I, Spon und Wheeler sammelten auf dieser Reise ca. Two works bound together. He sucessfully combined his business as jeweler with his travels. His work is especially valuable at the time for its information on trade and trade routes, diamonds and mines" Cox I, About this Item: No place, Large 8vo x mm.

Scrapbook containing clippings of the newspaper series "Arabische Reise" and other articles on Arabia, along with various illustrations and music. The handsome album, apparently assembled by a German or Swiss traveller, Georg Hartmann whose ownership is inscribed on the pastedown and initialled to the upper cover , is decorated with numerous illustrations cut from contemporary magazines, including several showing camel-mounted bedouins in the desert, a view of Mecca, portraits of Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, the muezzin's call to prayer arranged in musical notes , and the original business wrapping paper of the Istanbul confectioner Hajji Bekir, whom Hartmann seems to have visited during a visit to Turkey.

On the pastedown, Hartmann has entered a table of contents with a - possibly slightly later - portrait of Ibn Saud as King.

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His enthusiasm for Wahhabism is evident from these early travel reports from the Arabian Peninsula, where Ibn Saud had just captured Mecca and proclaimed independence in the Hejaz and Nejd, but had not yet united his dominions into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Indeed, Asad's feature on Ibn Saud also included here constitutes nothing less than a hagiographic portrait of the ideal ruler, and his incisive writings on Islam aim to familiarize western audiences with what he perceived as the purest and truest form of the religion he had come to embrace, criticizing occidental images of the Muslim faith gleaned from the Ottoman or Persian tradition, which he viewed as corruptions.

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About this Item: Copenhagen, Gyldendalske boghandel, Nordisk forlag, With a frontispiece showing the author in Arab garb, 88 illustrations in text, most of them reproductions of drawings and photographs by the author, and a folding map loosely inserted in a pocket at the end. Publisher's green cloth. First and only edition, in the original Danish, of an account of a journey through the Arabian Peninsula. Sponsored by the Royal Danish Geographical Society, Barclay Raunkiaer set out to penetrate the hitherto unexplored deserts of south-east Arabia.

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Although the traveler came equipped with a modest amount of scientific instruments and a camera, the use of these became almost impossible. The foreigner was looked on with suspicion by the Arabs and Raunkiaer could only use his camera, with great risk, at certain unwatched moments p. At the beginning of , the traveler reached Kuwait, where he stayed at the palace of Sheikh Mubarak. Since it was Mubarak's policy to keep Kuwait free of foreign interference, it took some active lobbying of the British envoy to convince the Kuwaitis that Runkiaer was a harmless traveller.

After that, it seems that the Dane enjoyed a certain amount of freedom, as numerous photographs, including one of pearl-fishers and a portrait of Sheikh Mohammed, testify. Raunkiaer was very impressed by the volume of trade in Kuwait, which he considered to be the most important trading town on the east coast of Arabia. After a period of rest, he travelled further to Riyadh. As the first western traveller in the city in half a century, Raunkiaer was graciously received by Ibn Saud.

After a short stay in Riyadh, Raunkiaer followed a caravan which mostly consisted of pearl-fishers bound for Bahrain. During a stay in Hofuf, where the book ends, Raunkiaer's health became worse and he sailed to Bahrain to recuperate. From there he travelled back to Copenhagen via Bombay. After a few years working for the East Asiatic Company, Raunkiaer died from tuberculosis.

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Lawrence, who considered it to be one of the "readable Arabian books", helped facilitate an English translation in , which was privately printed by the Arab bureau in Cairo. Binding slightly worn along the edges, with a small stain on the title. Endpapers foxed with the text browned; some small random pen marks at the lower margin of p. The map with a few tears along the folds, most of them expertly repaired; a very good copy.

Facey, Kuwait by the first photographers, pp. Raunkiaer's expedition in east-central Arabia", The geographical journal XL , pp. About this Item: Cairo, Imprimerie Nationale, With 19 plates with reproductions of photographs. Modern green cloth. First and only edition of a report on the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina written by the Egyptian doctor Saleh Soubhy.

Soubhy worked as a health inspector at Cairo, and was appointed by khedive Abbas Hilmi II to investigate the sanitary conditions of the Egyptian pilgrimage caravan to Mecca and Medina. Soubhy travelled to the Hijaz in and , and published his experiences in the present work. With this work, "a carefully composed defense of Islam" Marmon , Soubhy also tried to portray Islam is as an acceptable religion to his European colleagues. The book also includes some important early photographs of Mecca and Medina, taken by Muhammad Sadiq Bey , the first to photograph the holy cities, and al-Sayyid 'Abd al-Ghaffar active 's.

Upper outer corner of half-title restored, tiny piece of the same corner torn off from the title-page, browned throughout, half-title smudged, and a few plates slightly thumbed, otherwise in good condition. Marmon, Eunuchs and sacred boundaries in Islamic society, p.