Diary of a Married Couple

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The Marriage Diaries: “One Thing We Were Horrible At”

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FREE shipping. Mini Stamp Rose BloodyNose 5 out of 5 stars 4, Couple portrait Best gift for your friends,mom, dad: leather bound sketchbook, travel journal elastic strip with the same color MineGiftStore 5 out of 5 stars His depression and insecurity are blocking his ability to take responsibility for himself and accept that marriage is not an unending holiday of unconditional positive regard. Love and aggravation go hand in hand. In order to feel your love for a partner you also manage a household with, you sometimes have to feel your hatred for that person, too.

Maturity is knowing that all humans act weird and smell bad and do obnoxious shit. This person is my favorite, I feel nothing but love for him! And you have to tell the truth.

Introducing The Marriage Diaries

Without honesty, there is no relationship, no partnership, no marriage, nothing. Unfortunately, many couples prefer to live inside a lie of their own mutual creation. They want to imagine that they are loved and adored every second of every day, even if that requires both partners to become skilled actors. Their insecurities demand that everyone around them live in a fantasy world with them. Anything less means that all of their most shameful feelings and deep-seated worries about themselves must be true.

Doing that means choosing a rom-com over real life. You are not a scripted movie star. When you expect way too much from both yourself and your partner, it makes you disappointed, anxious, and, eventually, dishonest and alienated from each other. Yes, of course, you have to try to remain romantic and optimistic and you have to suspend your disbelief a tiny bit.

Living in reality without fear is what marriage is all about. So is it wrong to write down your negative thoughts?

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Of course not. Complaining about him privately, to no one but yourself, is a way of digging for your love for him.

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Your husband should be writing down his private thoughts, too, not to mention going to see his own therapist. He needs to figure out how he honestly feels instead of expecting you to be some kind of eternally forgiving Virgin Mary. His lack of concern for your privacy and his defensiveness over your notes to yourself are a testament to his unhealthy boundaries. You wanted to wait until he was feeling better before you told him the truth about how you feel.

But here you are. His actions brought you here.

Diary Entries of a Married Couple

This is where your real marriage begins and the fantasy and acting and pretending end. He just jumped off a tall cliff into reality. That was his choice, not yours. This is a pretty common turning point in most marriages. Maybe you two should try to spend some time with older married couples who get along well, because they tend to be pretty open about their irritations with each other. You can love someone like crazy and still hate some of the shit they do. Let me give you an example: My husband is a pretty good cook, but I always know better than him, about everything.