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I was looking forward to listening to Simon Vance read Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time but after 6 hours I'm totally bored and wondering if I should bother to listen to the last 12 hours of the book. It's not Vance's fault, as usual his narration is perfection.

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The books feels like a poor man's version of Brideshead Revisited. Mar 4, , am. The voice he uses for Sabriel makes her sound like a grouchy old man, plus there's something about the pacing that bores me. So now I'm listening to Tripwire by Lee Child. Unfortunately, some of the CDs I got from the library were defective, so I'm going to have to switch to print form for the second half. Not a huge problem, but I enjoy the Reacher novels on audiobook. Mar 4, , pm. Just started Timeless by, Gail Carriger narrated by, the wonderful Emily Gray I just love her narration of this series!

Mar 5, , pm. I'm well into The Emerald Atlas and finding it entertaining, both for the reader, Jim Dale and because the author, John Stephens doesn't engage in filler material.

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I'm really looking forward to starting Operation Mincemeat , about the allied inteligence work leading up to the invasion of Sicily. Any opinions out there? I'm a bit into Outwitting History by Aaron Lansky , which is wonderful. The reader is George Guidall and he's stupendous. I know I've listened to him before, but I can't figure out which books since mostly he seems to read books in genres I don't ever touch.

Apparently, in writing his book back in the s, Montagu was not allowed to publish things that MI5 still considered top secret. Montagu's son was apparently delighted that MacIntyre was going to write the whole story since his dad had left his papers with him in the hope that someone would one day come along to do just that. Science fiction, non-fiction, biography, he does it all beautifully.

You ought to put that in a quick review, Nathan. I'm still listening to Pride and Prejudice. After that I'm going to listen to Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet.

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Operation Mincemeat sounds perfect! Anne, did you know, forgive me if i've said it before, George was an NLS reader back in the day? Ellie, the hook will last. Prepare for a wild ride! Looking forward to what you think of it on audio as it gets wonderful reviews. The total number of books must be in the thousands by now. You just need to listen to one to know why.

NarratorLady: Yeah, I know he's done a lot, it's just the first four pages of his books on Audible were all things I don't go near and it bugs the crap out of me to not be able to remember something like that. Ah mabith, I've got a few years on you. Not remembering stuff is so normal that I feel like throwing a party when I DO remember stuff! Ha, well, I have a weird nerve disease that kills the memory as a fun side effect, so it's definitely a familiar sensation.

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I'm just usually better when it comes to books. Amy, I'll consider it! And I've been meaning to listen to some Shakespeare on audiobook, but have never gotten around to it. Mar 6, , am. I am listening to Seventh Heaven by Alice Hoffman, this is one that I have missed, I am expecting some of her usual magic to come into it. I have ordered on audio The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt, this for my husband, as I have read the novel, however I will enjoy listening in again.

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Mar 6, , pm. Mar 7, , am. I had a good long listen last night as I was feeling under the weather and went early to bed, and I'm about half way through. How I have a question for anyone who uses audible. Is it worth it? It sure seems expensive to me. I try to keep my book costs as low as possible, because of the volume of the books I read. I was looking for The Winter of Our Discontent and they wanted 27 bucks for it. Come on. Most books cost one credit, so it's Then they have frequent sales, with certain titles as low as 4.

The sale titles are usually fairly popular ones, so I often find something tempting in the sales. But most of my audiobooks come from my library's online lending program. Free is a very good price. Mar 7, , pm. My local library outside of Atlanta has less users of audios. Hard to believe with travel times.

I often log on to the public library site and reserve new incoming audios that will be arriving. One favorite book, The Book Thief I would have never gotten into if it weren't for the library audio to help me at the start. I've yet to download a book to my phone or Ipod for walking but I might try that soon. Mar 9, , am. I've bought the Gold membership the past few years. Plus the last couple of years they have given a free book--Confederacy of Dunces one year, A Christmas Carol another.

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There are also free short stories available every now and then. Mar 9, , pm. I'm a fan of his self-deprecating humor that comes out better via audio he reads his own stuff , though others might find his nebbishy ways a bit much. Can you recommend it? I tried to read the book once but couldn't seem to get into it. Edited: Mar 9, , pm. I still regret that my sister moved away from my favorite root beer place. The reader they had wasn't horrible, but it just could have been better.

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I want Martin Sheen to read it in his best President Bartlet voice! Mar 10, , am.

The reader, Neville Jason, is very good and so is the story. It starts off apparently quite light in tone and very funny but gets more serious as it goes on. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on Audible. I'm still on the fence.

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  5. I guess it all comes down to money and how much I can spend. I finished the excellent audio On Writing , read by the Horror Master himself. Getting ready to listen to The orphan Master's son. I'm pumped about this one. Oh, so glad you liked On Writing. I thought it was excellent too, and hearing it read by King was a bonus. The narrator does a fine job. Mar 10, , pm. Started listening to The Romanov Bride today. It has two narrators which I really like. I find multiple narrotors really make the stories more interesting to listen to. Edited: Mar 11, , am. My house is listening to Doc by Mary Doria Russell, I read the novel a few months ago and organised it on audio for my husband, we are both enjoying it.

    Mar 11, , pm.


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    I'm a few hours into Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran. As far as relatively fluffy historical fiction goes, she's my favorite author though I'd much rather she stayed in Egypt, in part because there are fewer facts to violate. Plus her readers are always good. Edited: Mar 11, , pm. I just finished Doc by Mary Doria Russell and really loved it. The reader was great and I just loved his soft southern Georgian accent for Doc. Loved reading the book in print and am definitely going to have to listen to Doc one of these days soon!

    Edited: Mar 13, , pm. Our 11 y. Nothing like having your 10 y.