Guided! - How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides

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I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as the oldest of five children in a close-knit Catholic family, a descendant of Irish immigrants on both sides. We value story-telling above all else, and that has served me well both as an author and as a psychic. People learn best by analogy and myth, which is why religions have used parables since the dawn of time. I communicate with my family daily via the internet and weekly on the phone, and I love how they make me laugh and think at the same time.

As a healing practitioner, I have accumulated a list of calming techniques that now runs into the hundreds. Working through anxiety is a top priority for me, especially because I do live readings on the radio. With CBT, I sit down with pen and paper and list out all my outrageous, irrational fears, such as: I will become homeless, I will be hijacked, I will be paralysed in a car accident.

My mind says these are certain facts and then invents vastly detailed scenarios. With my pen, I then check each fear as true or false. I am doing my best. I am OK. I am loved and supported. Vipassana is a meditation technique taught in a ten-day course all over the world. Perhaps you saw a red cardinal and you didn't know the significance of it, but then a week later, you read somewhere about how cardinals are associated with relationships, marriage, and courtship, and maybe this applied to your life in some way.

The more we write down and then come back to later, the more we can decipher the messages being sent to us from our spirit guides. I began the process known as automatic writing, by meditating and asking my spirit guides to come through me. I closed my eyes and meditated, allowing myself to go deep into my subconscious.

And when I awoke, I grabbed the pen next to me and just started writing whatever came out. As I read the words, I was sure it was one of my spirit guides — it didn't even look like my own handwriting!

The words said: "Yes, we are here. We have always been here and we always will be. As with all practices, it may take some time to allow yourself to release the ego that's you! There are other ways to tap into your third eye aside from meditation. There's the ancient Ayurvedic treatment known as the Shirodhara massage.

You lie on a massage table and an experienced, certified practitioner will pour warm oil and essential oils on your third eye slowly and rhythmically, stimulating the chakra. You might have visions or sensations, or you might just feel completely relaxed and full of bliss. You can also study Reiki, the Japanese form of energy healing. When I received my first attunement as a practitioner, I was able to see completely into my third eye — I saw the royal purple color associated with the 6th chakra, flush through my body and open my mind.

I know for certain this Reiki attunement awakened a higher state of consciousness.

Lastly, you can simply try a third eye massage on yourself or a friend. Lay down in a quiet and peaceful place, with some relaxing music. With the tips of your fingertips, begin to slowly massage the area between your eyebrows, using small, gentle circles. Close your eyes and imagine that this area is being awakened and renewed. Breathe in and out deeply and slowly. Each of these techniques can bring you one step closer to meeting your spirit guides. I hope you can find the time to listen to your spirit guides — they are speaking to you every day and have so much to say.

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Manual Guided! - How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides

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Guided! How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides

Share on: Group 7 Created with Sketch. Group 9 Created with Sketch. Group 10 Created with Sketch. Group 11 Created with Sketch. No one is forcing you to listen to that boring, old, negative channel.

Getting To Know Your Spirit Guides…

Messages from your Guides are kind and helpful, however they are not always what you want to hear. Remember, your Guides are honest - which can be painful at times. And, they are helpful - which means giving you a little kick in the butt sometimes.

I've even had arguments with my Guides - when I didn't like what they told me and didn't want to follow their advice. I might ask for different solutions and different answers, yet they keep giving the same "unwanted" advice.

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Sometimes, it's only after I reluctantly follow their advice that I see the wisdom in it. But, honestly, they've been right every time, regardless of my resistance or different opinion. And, even when they tell me something I don't like, it's always delivered in a caring, loving way. Over time, I've learned to welcome the difficult guidance with less resistance. It always means I'm getting ready to break free from an old pattern.

Which feels great once I've actually broken free! Your Spirit Guides are very clever, and they know you better than you know yourself. Even if you can't hear them, they will find a way to get through to you, if you let them. It might be a "thought", or a dream, or an inspired answer coming through your friend.

Your attention might be drawn to words on a sign or to a specific article or book. You might overhear a conversation and get your answer. Maybe you'll see light around someone who can help you. If something seems a little funny - like there's a glitch in the Matrix - pay attention. You are likely right next to your answer, and all you need to do is think about your question to find your answer. Think back to the times in your life where you already made remarkably good choices, where you succeeded in unlikely circumstances. In these times, you were following your guidance superbly.

Maybe you thought it was your excellent brain that resulted in your success, but did you ever wonder where your brain got all those great insights and answers?

How To Connect & Communicate With Your Spirit Guide

When I was learning, I would ask my Guides for traffic assistance. It was a fun game with quick, tangible results. I would ask. Sometimes I would hear a street name. Sometimes I would see light around a highway exit, or just feel compelled to turn a certain way. Oftentimes, I was unsure if I was really getting guidance. I wondered if I was making it up. Yet, I followed it anyway.