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Personal Finance. Liz Weston: With timeshares, there's no easy exit Liz Weston: With timeshares, there's typically no easy exit Timeshares aren't an investment; in most cases, owners are lucky to get 10 cents on the dollar when they try to sell their interests. Liz Weston: Why the collection calls before the bill is due?

Liz Weston: Pay off mortgage before you retire or not? He immediately gets a burst of happiness. And why not? He must be doing well for himself! Well, the rest of the office, feeling like losers, decide to upgrade as well. You can see the faulty logic in this game. Everyone would have been better off sticking to their Honda Civics, but instead they upgraded to the Mercedes E Class and ended up at the same baseline of happiness.

Hedonic adaptation and conspicuous consumption are very real phenomenons in society. Take a quick peek at social media for an abundant amount of people displaying conspicuous consumption and our desire to purchase more and more stuff is a nod to hedonic adaptation.

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Why oh why can I not stop watching Netflix? Even though I know I have better things to do with my time? I wish I could say this was a rare occurrence. In fact, before I sat down to start writing this post I went through the Netflix scenario described except it was three Black Mirror episodes. Believe it or not, every minute of every hour of every day, our conscious and subconscious are duking it out for control over our actions and thoughts.

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Our subconscious, primarily regulated by our limbic system, controls our emotions, behaviors, drives, and long-term memory. Our conscious, regulated by the neocortex, operates consciously and is responsible for learning, planning, and rational thought. When we take a step back and observe the world around us we can see examples of our limbic system overriding our neocortex in everyday life. To drive the point home, how long does it take us to determine someone is beautiful? One characteristic of natural beauty is facial symmetry.

When we consider that our limbic system has developed over millions and millions of years, whereas our neocortex is thought to have rapidly expanded over the past , to 1 million years, it makes sense why our emotions win out. It was built and refined over a much longer time in our evolutionary history. We know our feelings constantly beats out logic, but what exactly is our emotional brain aiming to achieve? Well, typically the list includes achieving high status, accumulating resources, having meaningful relationships, finding the ideal partner, and having babies.

It may be controversial, but I believe our evolutionary drives are the main culprit for why we instinctually gravitate toward these goals. What did Charles Darwin list out as our evolutionary drives? Mainly survival natural selection and reproduction sexual selection. When you view the game of life through the evolutionary lense, it sure does explain a lot of our behavior. Having wealth in the caveman days meant having enough resources to survive.

In the same time frame, imagine a lion came snooping around your shelter looking for food you. If you were alone, you were probably dinner. However, if you were apart of a tribe, your odds of defending against a lion and not being dinner shoots up. These examples help explain our natural instincts toward accumulating resources and having a high, reputable social status. By having assets you individually increased your survival odds and by working together as a tribe, you, as a collective unit, have a greater chance of making it another day versus any single member going it alone.

Outside our desire to survive, our drive to produce offspring is an overwhelmingly crucial evolutionary goal. Obviously the larger our potential dating pool, the more opportunities we have to, ahem, propagate our genes, fulfilling our Darwinian drive for reproduction. But what do men and women look for in mates? A study concluded that males and females judged women with full makeup on as more attractive than the same faces with no makeup and a study concluded that a woman wearing makeup at a bar gets approached by more guys at a bar versus another not wearing makeup. So to attract the opposite sex, men are more likely to purchase items that enhance their social status and show off their wealth e.

As a couple, fertility is vital to make sure the family has a healthy baby and resources are essential to ensure the kiddo makes it to adulthood.

It’s Only Money, Pt. 1

While these Darwinian goals still make sense in our everyday modern life, the extent to which we grind to achieve them is excessive. Peck : Let me get this straight. You want me to let my client of 15 years, one of my best friends, die in the jungle alone, for some money and a G5? Doc Hopper : I'll double your salary. Max I'll open the door.

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In the Disgaea novels we meet the Ozonne , who believe money is the solution to helping people, not love like all the other angels of Celestia. Ironic since her sister Flonne is the Love Freak. Mistborn: The Original Trilogy has the Kandra, helping the protagonists only because they're being paid in Atium. Zig-zagged when it's learned that Atium is the condensed power of the Omnicidal Maniac god Ruin and the Kandra are stockpiling it in their caves to keep him from finding it.

In Robert A.


Heinlein 's Time Enough for Love , Lazarus Long claims that one of the thousands of jobs he's held was as a mercenary, that he used it to finance his way through college, and never got higher than corporal because he was only doing it to get enough money for another semester, then he'd quit. They would sooner let a man die of thirst on an alien world, rather than tell him the native word for "water", unless money was first offered up-front for their services. That's it, that's all, as soon as that's done he's gone and never mind the rest of the danger there, it's what he was paid for.

Cain escapes and makes it to the escape pods, but there he meets one of the saboteurs, who reveals she's actually a burglar, looting the staterooms and leaving the others to heroically give their lives for the Tau cause. Unlike some cases, Bronn is much less moral than his Anti-Hero employer, and will commit any dirty job so long as he gets a good price for it. Tyrion isn't shocked when Bronn refuses to champion him in spite of their pseudo-friendship since Tyrion's sister, Cersei, has paid Bronn much more for him to not risk his life trying to save Tyrion.

Stannis Baratheon, rightful king of Westeros, Azhor Ahai reborn, the man who stands between the world and eternal night As such they're all too happy to give him financial support. It just means they'll get more money in the end. The City Watch of King's Landing, aka "the gold cloaks". Technically, they're supposed to primarily answer to the Master of Laws on the king's small council — because, you know, law and order.

In reality, it mostly plays out them doing as either the Hand of the King or the Master of Coin decrees. Take a wild guess which positions have actual access to the treasury and in determining that they get their monthly take-home pay Boy Willie : That was between dwarfs and trolls, Hamish. And you ain't either. So whose side were you on? Mad Hamish : Whut? Mad Hamish : I were on the side of being paid money to fight. Boy Willie : Best side there is. Why would I want to Take Over the World? There are so many places I would never go: the tops of mountains, the bottoms of the oceans, Burger Shack.

No, I don't want the world. Only its money. Live-Action TV. Game of Thrones : Bronn makes it clear to Tyrion that he's serving him solely for the riches, even though he does consider him a friend the pay really "enhances" their friendship, he says. When his services earn him a knighthood, he insists on a higher wage. Eventually, Bronn accepts money and an advantageous marriage to not stand champion for Tyrion in a Trial by Combat , a deal Tyrion cannot match. This later transfers onto Jaime.

It's Only Money (Part 1)

However, he's quite a bit less Only in It for the Money on the show than in the books, where he never really becomes friends with Tyrion and makes ever-larger financial demands for increasingly lesser tasks Tyrion: I thought we were friends. Bronn: We are, but I'm a sellsword. I sell my sword.