Paixão escura (Senhores do submundo) (Portuguese Edition)

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Pogue, Forrest C. Marshall, Statesman, Volume 4 in the four-volume definitive biography of the man who was Secretary of State during the development of the Marshall Plan and for whom it was named. Monnet, Jean. Translated by Richard Mayne. Gerden City, N.

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The autobiography of a founder of postwar European unification, and the instigator and first president of the Coal and Steel Community. Raucher, Alan R. Paul G.

Senhores do Submundo

Hoffman: Architect of Foreign Aid. The Continuing Battle; Memoirs of a European. Boston: Little Brown, His book reflects the concerns and aspirations of the smaller nations of Europe whose viewpoints are often lost in the battles of larger states. Truman, Harry S. Memoirs: Years of Trial and Hope. The Private Papers of Senator Vandenberg. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Vandenberg was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who did more than any other legislator to assure passage of the Marshall Plan.

Acheson considered him pompous, but James Reston considered him a complex and fascinating human being. Walton, Richard J. This is a sympathetic account of a passionate, but misguided American. Bureaucracy, the Marshall Plan, and the National Interest. Princeton, N. Brown, William Adams, Jr. American Foreign Assistance. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, This volume seeks a middle ground between those who viewed the Marshall Plan as pure philanthropy and those who saw it as a massive project aimed at insuring world domination by American capitalism through the export of its economic and social values.

Donovan, Robert J. Foreword by Clark M. New York: Madison Books, The author manages to synthesize succinctly the scholarly materials available. Dulles, Allen W. The Marshall Plan.

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Edited and with an introduction by Michael Wala. It is just merely a picture that I created Could I also be an image crafted by others? Comedy about a young Berliner in A boy tries to keep a paper plane up in the air as long as possible. A Carried by the wind, and despite some emergency landings, the plane surreal nightmare for our hero, who runs from kafkaesque situations takes us along through the four seasons.

Disaster is coming! Ready for evacuation! As part of their adventure they recycle the wrapping paper from the Christmas presents and are able to breathe in pure air with all the Sky-Forests and Earth-Forests. Black Tape explores the theme of domination. In an entangled tango, the victim and victimizer dance, occupying the frame and the space between brushstrokes. This film is based on news and documentary footage, exploring the implications of life under occupation. It is the second part of a trilogy starting with White Tape Um homem conhece uma mulher, e quanto mais aprende sobre ela, mais barreiras se levantam entre eles A man meets a woman, and the more he learns about her the more barriers arise between them….

An elderly Japanese man boards a ferry bound for an unknown island. As he looks out over the water, the falling rain triggers a string of memories, including a childhood experience in Fukuoka and a brief encounter many years later, aboard a smoke-filled seaside train. The only constant is the rain, a woman and Mount Fuji. When the man arrives on the island, it begins to pour, and a mysterious woman on a motorbike greets him….

Uma porta abre para um mundo assombrado por peixes voadores, quimeras enterradas e fantasias profundas. A door opens onto a world, haunted by flying fishes, buried chimaeras and deep fancies. Portrait is a slow and surreal video slide show of nightmarish, grotesque and apparently static characters. Um sol negro nasce em Lemon Lake.

A black sun rises on Leman Lake. In a surrealist backlit scene, swimmers and birds witness the spectacle of the dawn, hypnotized by the music of a cellist.


The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter

Two old swimmers meet at the public baths for their ritual swimming session. This time they are diving deeper than usual. Having suffered the loss of their plane, three pilots inexplicably find themselves stranded in the middle of the desert. While following the perilous and unpredictable course that will ultimately lead them home, they fall prey to visions and must confront the siren call of their own strange fantasies.

After a tragic event, a child takes refuge in an alternative reality, where his mother is still present. On a windy night, Castillo faces his own brutality on the line of the fishhook. A girl falls in love with a boxer she can never hope to meet, but the letter-birds will change her destiny forever. Will the messages in the air make her dreams come true? A yarn ball woman, an old woman who spends her days looking out the window and a seller of clothes that fall from the clotheslines are connected by a thread. The three women lead the actions of other characters and the inevitable fate of a woman with her husband at her back.

Brutus always glanced into human eyes only for a moment and immediately turned away so as not to see a change, to keep what he was given and carry away what he received. Kaatsch, J. The film is based on the poem of the same name by Etta Streicher. It is concerned with not speaking out, keeping your feet still or actually biting the bullet and achieving inner freedom. And about how individual mental states influence the world. Um homem acorda num quarto azul.

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    It filters the reality in a mysterious way. A semente da fome torna-se naquilo que nos alimenta. Everything that is alive is hungry.