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This is the story of a pond. Not a pond located in the wilds of the north, but a pond right in your backyard. We will join a young girl named Gillian as she discovers a Canada Goose nest with five new eggs. We see how mother goose comes to trust Gillian but is always on patrol around her nest making sure that no harm comes to her eggs.

We will see how Gillian carefully watches the nest until that one bright and sunny day when the baby geese hatch. The area is rich with wildlife.

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There are the black birds whose nest we follow until their babies learn to fly. Watch mother black bird trying to feed her tiny babies a bug so big it won't fit in their mouths. There is so much to learn around a pond. Above all, see the Babies of the Pond at play!

Part of the lighthearted Baby Animals at Play children's series, which photographs young creatures in fun-loving interaction, Baby Animals at Play: Babies of the Pond focuses on animals who live around pond land. In culling, you can either sell or give away the undesirable fry as feeders or common goldfish.

Take care when feeding your baby goldfish.

Koi babies!

Forty-eight hours after hatching, you can feed your goldfish infusoria and newly hatched brine shrimp, foods you can either buy online or culture yourself. After their first week of feeding, baby goldfish will accept dried fish foods like flakes. You may need to grind the flake into powder at first.

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Keep in mind that the protein needs of a goldfish change with age. In the first year, 40 to 45 percent of their diet should be protein, 35 to 40 percent in their second year and 25 to 30 percent for the rest of their lives.

Commercially available fish foods will usually list protein content on the box. If you have pond goldfish, you need to prepare the fish for winter and decide if your baby goldfish will spend their first winter outdoors. Generally, if a baby goldfish was spawned in the spring, it will most likely survive its first winter outdoors with proper preparations.

Pond Babies by Cathryn Falwell

If it was bred indoors outside of the regular goldfish spawning season, keep it in a large aquarium for the first winter. If your baby goldfish is overwintering in an outdoor pond, stop feeding the fish when the temperatures reach the mids, since goldfish can't digest food below this temperature. Also, lower the water level once the top of the pond freezes over. This creates a barrier of air and ice which helps insulate the pond.

Last, create a small hole in the ice for oxygen exchange.

how to Breeding Koi Fish and taking care of Baby Koi - pond - showa aquarium

Some garden stores and pet shops sell pond deicers for this purpose. By using the site, you agree to the uses of cookies and other technology as outlined in our Policy, and to our Terms of Use.

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