Robyn’s Life Journey

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Now I find sustainability is a constant companion in everything I do - career, shopping, commuting, me-time, everything. I joined the Eco-Age team to lead its partnerships division because I had a strong desire to do more to drive the sustainability conversation forward and knew I wanted to make sure my career had real meaning beyond personal success.

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The initiative was born of a desire to celebrate and award the brands and companies across all industries that are doing sustainability well, help them on their own journeys to be more ethical, sustainable and transparent, and tell their incredible stories through our platform.

What does that actually mean? How do I start?

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I find every change and baby step I take in my life towards being a more conscious human has a positive ripple effect, both for myself and with other people. My boyfriend, for example, has seemingly overnight become more of a sergeant major than I am about recycling - who knew recycling could be sexy?! The dream. As you awaken sensation in your physical body, you awaken your emotional body. And from here, you can begin to explore the world around you and find pleasure anytime anywhere.

You begin to feel more connected.

How much can you allow yourself to feel? What gets in the way of you being able to access your pleasure?

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I invite you to become a pleasure researcher and let the experiment begin. Learn more about how I became a believer in following my pleasure.

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Our primary relationship in life is, and always will be, to ourselves. How can you love yourself to the core of your being? Because the truth is that you are whole, complete and lovable just as you are.

Robyn’s Life Journey (ISBN: 1452556598)

When you focus on love of self first, you attract the kind of people who also love and put themselves first and you can meet in a place of resonance and fullness. Our essence and true nature is love.

And by seeing and feeling that in myself, I have been able to enter into deeply connected relationship with others. I have found that within myself. Do I forget sometimes? Of course!

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But I have the tools to come back to myself over and over and over again. This is because of its moral promises and literal hypocrisies, in the […].

Ep # Feeling Good and Making Time for Wellness with Robyn Conley Downs - She Reaches

VISUAL ART HAS primeval, ritualistic roots; amid the moneyed operations of galleries and the cloying notion of commercially accessible easy art, sometimes those old levels of cruelty and wisdom poke through. ABLE TO MIX gravelly hard-hitting rock with the poetry you feel in your belly and as your skin breaks into goose bumps, Piet Botha, the lead singer and founder of South African rock band Jack Hammer had a curious and entangled relationship with the Afrikaans language.

He always […]. THE HORROR OF being a small child beset with enormous flaws is something that many a writer may attempt to portray because of the challenge of capturing its profound complexity that scoops up the contradictions of being human and holds it tight.

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Not every writer can succeed. Nor […]. Just like that.