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Imagine coming home from school one day to find your whole family has been deported by ICE. Actress Guerrero tells her story while shining a light on the plight of so many other kids facing the same problems today. Collage and candor combine in this dissection of white privilege. Provides a solid foundation for critical discussions of white people and racism for young readers everywhere.

Barbara McClintock. Neither sexism nor the French Revolution could stop Sophie Germain from embracing her love of math and solving the riddle behind the vibrations that surround us. The most engaging book on mathematics you may ever encounter. Katherine Roy. Imagine diving to feet in a homemade device. Engaging and accurate art as well as a riveting text tell the story of the two men who plunged deep into the sea to see what they could see.

Warning: Do not read if prone to claustrophobia. What would you do if aliens attacked?

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Jarrow offers a blow-by-blow account of the day Orson Wells put fear into the hearts of Americans everywhere. Melissa Iwai. Nobleman highlights a WWII Japanese attack on Oregon, following how the bomber and the people of Oregon came to terms with one another, forging a friendship that stands as an example for us today. In these three thoroughly engaging books, Eaton uses his signature cartoony style to talk about facts with abundant humor and a lot of laughs.

Just in time for the holiday season this list provides books of mystery, science, poetry, hilarity, sorrow, and more. There are books for kids who are always looking for the newest comics, stories of facts and history for nonfiction loving children, gorgeous picture books for the youngest ages, and hilarity found in works of poetry, early readers, fairy tales and more.

All of these books are available through Evanston Public Library. Special thanks to the committee members that spent countless hours all year reading, considering, discussing, rejecting, and ultimately selecting the best books that you will find on this list. Lola the armadillo has just caused a magnificent accident. But is running away to live in the library forever really the best solution to her problem?

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We all know the story of how Humpty Dumpty fell down. But did anyone ever tell you about how he climbed his way out of his fears afterwards? All the Way to Havana by Margarita Engle, ill. Mike Curato. Cuban-American award winning author Margarita Engle tells the story of a boy, a classic car, and a family trip into the heart of Havana.

Comprehension Connections (eBook) by Tanny McGregor. Bridges to Strategic

The Antlered Ship by Dashka Slater, ill. The Fan Brothers. Be Quiet by Ryan T. A quiet, contemplative, lovely little book about an old cat, a new cat, and what happens when one cat has to leave the other. The Blue Hour by Isabelle Simler. Take a trip to the magic hour between sunset and nighttime, when all the world is awash in radiant, breathtaking blue.

The perfect hilarious read aloud story for large crowds or one-on-one lap reads. Each animal that struts onto the page thinks that IT is the bravest. Can you prove them wrong? Claymates by Dev Petty, ill. Lauren Eldridge. Told entirely in the medium of clay, this rollicking tale of two best friends is the very definition of wacky, kooky fun.

Gordon C. Jay Fleck. Far more than your usual opposite book. A simple story, but a necessary one. Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall. We see lots of stories about overcoming your fears, but few are as sweet, real, and honest as this charmer of a picture book. Alyssa Bermudez. But with great power comes great responsibility. Professional Crocodile by Giovanna Zoboli, ill. Mariachiara Di Giorgio. An utter charmer. In this wordless tale a crocodile prepares for the day and his regular commute to work. Elegant in its simplicity.

The Ring Bearer by Floyd Cooper. Blended families and nervous jitters come together in this utterly sweet tale. A message of non-violent resistance in the face of oppressors lies at the heart of this clever fable about a rooster and the dictatorial mayor that seeks to shut him up. Brian Won. Get out your dancing shoes cause this little monkey is ready to shine.

A perfect read aloud for large groups, we dare you not to bop along to the wake-up instructions highlighted in this book by the author of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Town is By the Sea by Joanne Schwartz, ill. Sydney Smith.

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Thoughtful, haunting, moving and marvelous is this glimpse of a day in the life of a boy and his father in a maritime mining town. Tim Mack. Convinced that all her other friends already have superpowers, Nalvana tries to figure out what it is that makes her special.

Floyd Cooper. Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell. A marvelous near-wordless tale of a girl, a wolf cub, and the ways in which we can transcend our own little bubbles and reach out to those that are different from us. The Crane Girl adapted by Curtis Manley, ill. Lin Wang. Based on a classic Japanese folktale, Manley weaves the tale of a boy who aids an injured crane, and the beautiful girl that rewards him tenfold. A sweet little wolf in a red cape sets off through the woods but is warned to watch out for sneaky little girls with murder on their minds. Sound familiar?

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Jeffrey Alan Love. Fans of Thor, rejoice! This gorgeous compendium of Norse myths is rife with all the best tales, and is accompanied by lavish illustrations that complement the storytelling perfectly. Flood stories around the world abound, and this tale of a great big pumpkin that saves a man, his family, and all their animals from certain destruction is one to remember.

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Juana Martinez-Neal. The Hans Christian Andersen classic is recast in Peru where a lonely prince finds his princess in an unexpected manner. Filled with Spanish words and bright colors, this is a fresh reimagining of a classic.

Emily Hughes. Small, slight, delightful little adventures of two brothers abound in this book. Comparisons to Frog and Toad would not be surprising. Nancy Meyers. Swenson, ill. Woof and Quack want to play a game of fetch but not in the way you might expect.

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Warning: Watch out for flying cake! Snail and Worm Again by Tina Kugler. Sometimes the simplest words are the funniest. Hold onto you turnips. Coyote Tales , by Thomas King, ill. Byron Eggenschwile. Elizabet Vukovic. The power of determination in a somewhat small package. The New Kid by Karen English, ill. Laura Freeman. But what happens when you let your assumptions run away with you?

Overscheduled Princess Cora just wants a little time to herself and maybe a dog. What she gets is a naughty crocodile with a penchant for cream puffs and nipping royal ankles. Two siblings set off to save the kingdom from a pack of malicious badgers with the help of a shopping cart named Eric, a cat, and a king who often poses as his own butler.