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Now it's been found in snow taken from the sparsely inhabited continent. Researchers took about 1, pounds of snow from Antarctica and tested it for space dust.

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Koll told CNN that researchers made the discovery after shipping kg about 1, pounds of snow from Antarctica to a research facility in Munich, Germany. The researchers picked the remote area precisely because it is largely untouched. They chose to test snow because "it is the purest material you can find," Koll said.

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The snow was melted down and sifted through. Materials in it were incinerated and tested using equipment sensitive enough to detect anomalies.

Long-Lived Stellar Blast Kindles Hope of a Supernova We’ve Never Seen Before

Most iron in the universe is iron Iron, which has more neutrons making it unstable to radioactive decay, is present on Earth only from either cosmic explosions or nuclear weapons. Researchers were able to determine that the most likely source of the iron found in the Antarctic snow was star dust, Koll said. However, it's unclear whether the Earth is currently in a dust cloud or if the discovery is of the remnants of a cloud that passed through years ago, Koll said.

In September , earthlings in the northern hemisphere could peer into the Pinwheel Galaxy -- which appears above the Big Dipper's handle but isn't visible from most of the southern hemisphere -- and see a supernova that detonated 21 million years ago [source: Perlman ]. So how do you spot one?

Supernova explosions in the Universe

Identifying a new point of light as a supernova as opposed to a high-flying aircraft or a comet may be easier than you think. How Stars Work. In this image, a white dwarf's strong gravitational pull siphons matter from a nearby star. If the white dwarf becomes too massive to support its own weight, it will collapse on itself and then explode in a supernova.

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Monitoring their brightness has allowed astronomers to calculate the rate of expansion of the universe. From the results they gathered, the scientists worked out that the explosion began with a white dwarf star made of carbon and oxygen. This kind of star can grow to around 1. The research is published in the journal Nature.

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