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No California landlord can afford to do business without checking for local ordinances and following them. Check out Nolo's list of California products. Not a California landlord?

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Check out Every Landlord's Legal Guide. He also serves as a neutral mediator in real estate and landlord tenant matters. In addition to helping private individuals and companies in housing and real estate matters, Nils represents non-profit subsidized housing developers and non-profit live-work communities. Apart from law practice, he serves on the board of directors for a San Francisco community development organization, volunteers at the San Francisco Superior Court in three departments, and teaches legal continuing education classes from time to time.

Before joining Nolo in , she practiced law as a public defender. Here is a concise legal guide for people who own or manage residential rental property in California. This book concentrates on the dozens of state legal rules associated with most aspects of renting and managing residential real property. This book also covers key federal laws that affect landlords, such as lead-paint disclosure rules, and highlights important local rules, particularly rent control see below and health and safety standards.

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We provide over 40 practical, easy-to-use forms, notices, letters, and checklists throughout this book, including rental applications, leases, repair notices, warning letters, notice of entry forms, security deposit itemizations, move-in and move-out letters, disclosure forms, three-day nonpayment of rent and other termination notices, and more. We clearly explain what form you need for different situations, with clear instructions on how to prepare the form including how to provide proper legal notice when required. We also provide filled-in samples in the text.

All forms are available for download on the Nolo website on a special companion page for this book.

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Purchase the book for details on how to access the forms. TIP Put it in writing. The key is to establish a good paper trail for each tenancy, beginning with the rental agreement and lease through a termination notice and security deposit itemization. Such documentation is often legally required and will be extremely valuable if attempts at resolving disputes with your tenant fail.

These laws not only establish how much you can charge for most residential living spaces, they also override state law in a number of other ways. Second, we provide a detailed discussion of rent control in Chapter 4. Third, we provide summaries see Appendix A of key rent control rules, particularly how they affect evictions, in the California cities with rent control or eviction protection or both. You can get a copy from your city rent control board or online.

The following cities and counties have some form of rent regulation, which can include rent control, just cause eviction protection, required mediation following a rent increase, or some other form of regulation. This book provides a roughly chronological treatment of subjects important to landlords—beginning with taking rental applications and ending with returning security deposits when a tenant moves out.

Best bet Legal tactics , 8th ed. Massachusetts laws MGL c.

Selected case law Karaa v. Forms Landlord-tenant forms. Web sources Bed bugs Don't let the bed bugs bite , Mass.

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Trial Court Law Libraries. Protocols for the prevention and control of bed bugs in multi-unit housing , Dept. Explains legal responsibilities of landlords and tenant in dealing with bed bugs Roommates Roommate limitations in Boston: text amendment no. Other topics Attorney General's guide to landlord-tenant rights , Mass. Attorney General, August Renting in Boston , City of Boston Covers leases and agreements, deposits and fees, insurance, conditions, noise, renters' rights, and more. The brothel myth. Urban legends reference page: college , Snopes.

Their vehemence aside, none have yet produce a copy of the statute they so firmly believe in. Requires library card for access Every landlord's legal guide , Nolo, Provides an overview of common landlord issues including preparing leases, security deposits, evictions and more. Requires library card for access Every landlord's tax deduction guide , Nolo, A plain English tax guide for landlords which includes information on repairs, startup expenses, depreciation and more.

Requires library card for access Every tenant's legal guide , Nolo, Includes information on leases, security deposits, discrimination, privacy, eviction and more. Requires library card for access How to be a landlord in Massachusetts and avoid legal trouble , A. Joseph Ross, This extensive document covers everything from screening tenants through eviction, including utilities, lead paint, security deposits, domestic violence, and more.

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How to be a tenant in Massachusetts and avoid getting ripped off , A. Joseph Ross, A lengthy guide that covers all the key issues for a tenant, including security deposits, utilities, lead paint, landlords entering the apartment, and more. All rental housing must at least meet the state Sanitary Code.

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Housing, Jan. Leases and rental agreements , Nolo, Includes information on choosing the right tenant, preparing a lease or agreement, getting a tenant moved in, getting a tenant moved out and more. Requires free library card for access Moving tips for tenants , A. Joseph Ross, Precautions to take when moving, "no matter how friendly you may be with your landlord.

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Read the case study. Matt Fitzgerald - Commercial Property Partners. Re-Leased has revolutionised the property management world. We were thrilled that their system has automated capabilities to help with the administrative side of the business but the new tenant app is a game changer. The property management world just got a little easier with Re-Leased. Peter Shishkov, Auger Properties. We have been using Re-Leased for the best part of 3 months and it is a complete game changer in the way we manage our properties.

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Management can access performance reports and status reports to understand how their business is performing in a meeting or in the back of a cab. Keep your banking, bills, and invoices in line and on track. Utilise Re-Leased's leading edge trust or client accounting software to automate fees and creditor prioritisation to simplify the disbursement process.