The Dawn of Green: Manchester, Thirlmere, and Modern Environmentalism

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The Dawn of Green Manchester, Thirlmere, and Modern Environmentalism

We do not capture any email address. By Bill Luckin. Ritvo describes the 19th-century clash over the fate of a Lake District valley in England and its importance to continuing debates on conservation. Table of Contents.

The Dawn of Green | Laurence Coupe

All rights reserved. Science ISSN Bill Luckin. Article Information vol. Published By:. American Association for the Advancement of Science. Print ISSN:. Online ISSN:.

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Link Analysis Experimental. They settled on a plan to dam Thirlmere and channel its water through a pipeline to the city. But when news of this scheme reached the public, it provoked a furious response by local residents, such as John Ruskin and H. By the late nineteenth century if not earlier, the lake district had achieved an iconic status among English regional landscapes thanks to its association with the romantic poets and a long standing tradition of tourism.

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  • For this reason, the opposition to the reservoir scheme quickly grew into a national movement rather than just a regional concern. The expression of outrage free of interest was perhaps the greatest strength of the preservation lobby.

    Its main ambition was to serve as a custodian and protector of a unique landscape on behalf of the nation. The plea for preservation stemmed from the poetic value attributed to the landscape rather than the biological significance of a particular ecosystem. But almost as soon as the issue entered Parliament, the politicians turned the battle over to barristers and scientific experts.

    For Ritvo, the legal conflict exposed a fundamental difference of ends and means between the defenders of the city and the country. In the short term, the battle was won by the urban interest and the scientists. The parliamentary politicians appreciated much more readily the familiar rhetoric of political economy and scientific expertise. Yet the cultural critique of the Thirlmere reservoir proved increasingly influential over the long run.

    The argument that certain landscapes ought to be protected in the name of the nation won widespread public acceptance within the following decades, marked by the establishment of the National Trust and the postwar system of national parks. Ritvo wears her learning lightly. She is a delightful storyteller with a sharp eye for illuminating details.