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With the help of Police Chief Scott Gordon, and her cousins, Hannah and Maggie, Claire is determined to find out who killed her friend and why. Melissa Wright has been in love with handsome Patrick Fitzpatrick since the day they first met, but Patrick had always carried a torch for his widowed sister-in-law Ava. Three years ago when Ava married a wealthy businessman, Melissa thought the spell had finally been broken.

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Now she has Patrick, a brand new career, and after years of struggling to overcome her past, what looks like a bright future. While her husband is away for work, Hannah Campbell is juggling several part-time jobs and looking after their rascally son Sammy. When she witnesses what looks very much like murder, she adds part-time amateur detective to that list. The small town of Rose Hill would seem to be well out of the way for any related shenanigans, except this powerful and corrupt cadre wants to build a four-lane highway right through the middle of town.

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Please remember that your child is at school for a large part of the day and after a day at school, they will be tired and need time to play without structure. Below are some suggestions of how you can support your child at home but do not feel pressured or obliged to do these. Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Encouraging Independence. In reception we promote independence which increases self esteem and positive self image.

We expect the children to go to the toilet on their own, manage their own hygiene and personal property. You could support this development at home by:. Communication, Language and Literacy.

Letter Names and Sounds. We explain to parents how they can support their child at home Children are encourged to recognise the letter sound and the letter name.

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We want to encourage a passion for reading and books. This can be done through you reading to your child as well as them reading to you.

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Your child will be bringing home a book for them to read to you and one for you to read to them! Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy. We want to encourage a love of numbers and solving problems.

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This could be done through:. Knowledge and Understanding of the World. Physical Development. Creative Development.

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