The Strength of Faith

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Because I also lived this life as a Christian, wrongly deriving a sense of security from my strength of faith or lack thereof. See, no matter who you are, if your basis of spiritual security rests upon your degree of faith, you will inevitably vacillate between these two polar extremes of pride and despair, of anxiety and delusion, of jealousy and callousness. You will look down on others to whom you measure better than, and conversely, you will despair when others measure better than you.

It will not be a saving faith in God, but an insecure faith with God. It will not be sanctifying faith with others, but polarizing faith to others. A faith based on the strength of your faith will fail you— no matter how strong or weak. Only a faith upon a Savior can save— no matter how strong or weak. Do you feel spiritually weak?

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Your admission of weakness positions you to finally receive true faith, which is not something you muster up, but Someone to whom you bow down. At the same time, however, the Bible does not call us to remain weak in our faith in Jesus. The Bible is quite clear. Jesus takes our faith very seriously, and he cares infinitely more about growing the muscle of our faith in him more than we ever could.

The faith that saves you for eternity—and even the faith that leads you for today—is not ultimately dependent upon you. Only the Christian system of faith can give you this great hope and freedom.

The Sustaining Power of Faith in Times of Uncertainty and Testing

Christianity prescribes a saving faith that is not primarily a structure to hold on to, but a strong Person who holds on to you. Do you feel broken, tired, or heavy-laden? He will strengthen your faith if you come to him. For he has never forsaken any who seek him Ps.

Email Address. Christian Faith Works In Real Life There are several reasons for why this system of faith is so compelling, beautiful—and in my belief—the true faith. When saving faith is based on a Savior—and not on your own degree of faith—two main things happen: 1 people of strong faith are fundamentally prevented from being condescending or self-righteous to those who have weak faith, and 2 people of weak faith are fundamentally protected from feeling intimidated by or inferior to people of strong faith. August 11, by Austin Gentry. As the author of Hebrews asserts,. Long ago God spoke to our ancestors in many and various ways by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by a Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, through whom he also created the worlds.

Of course, it is within community that love is translated from ideology to experience. If we fail to notice that the commandment to love is horizontal as well as vertical, it is easy to fall into the old trap of concentrating on the vertical aspect of Christianity: believing that since God loves me, and I have acknowledged Him as my Lord and Redeemer, gone to church, paid my tithe, and confessed my personal sins and shortcomings, that I am part of his kingdom, just waiting for his arrival.

Let there be no mistake: the vertical aspect of Christianity is foundational, and its importance must never be underestimated. He is both the author and finisher of our faith, and the daily sustainer of our strength, courage, hope, and joy.

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It is His voice that beckons us to keep moving towards him. It is his Spirit that moves us past tempting side-roads that lead to destruction and on along the path that brings life. It is God who teaches us how to love, thus preparing us for eternal life in his kingdom. Yet, it is this very vision of the God who dwells with us in love the vertical dimension of faith that binds us to our co-believers the horizontal dimension of faith.

If others lack wisdom in some areas, fail to meet the mark of spiritual maturity, stumble and fall, and do not reach all the same theological conclusions, then they, as growing Christians, are in the same boat that we are, dependent on God to finish the good work which he began in us. Ultimately, we are bound together through our faith in a loving and beneficent God who spared nothing to redeem us from our sins and the fate that awaited all of us as we stumbled blindly into a valley of death.

We gather together in acknowledgment of His beneficence and our equality before his throne of sacrifice and grace. It was a very political and hierarchical world of the rich and the poor, the influential and the powerless, masters and slaves, the free and the bound. It required an accurate knowledge of the social landscape, of who had the power to disperse favors or inflict punishment, a keen attention to the winds of social and political fortune, and long memory of debts owed and debtors.

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Is Faith Strength or Weakness? - tangible theology

It was, above all else, a culture of benefactors and beneficiaries. The covenant, which could be initiated only by the powerful, required that its recipients recognize the favors granted by the lord from his gracious beneficence to a group that he had arbitrarily decided to favor.

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It was expected that the subjects, in recognition of the unmerited goodness bestowed upon them by their mighty protector, would honor him ritually and extoll his praises, pledge their fealty to him, follow his bidding as dutiful servants, and seek to do his will. Favor could disappear as quickly as it had been granted.

Strength of Faith: A letter to a student with no ‘spiritual experiences’

Therefore, the ordinary populace longed to know the will of the most powerful god, so that they could pledge their loyalty to him, honor him appropriately, and perform his will. Throughout the Bible, one can trace the theme of God as the Great Benefactor of Israel, making a covenant to which the people acquiesce, and then fail to keep.


Yet, despite cultural expectations, God does not abandon or avenge Himself on Israel. Instead, He follows their insubordination with warnings and then corrective measures, with more evidence of his unfailing love and promises of reconciliation and a rewriting of the covenant on their hearts. When one understands this cultural tradition of the covenant between a benefactor and his subjects, the theme can be easily recognized all through the Christian gospels and epistles.

From the declarations of the authors of the New Testament, God has come to earth in the body of Jesus, to make known clearly who He is and what he asks of his subjects: Love. Whatever else they may have grasped or failed to comprehend during their three years under his tutelage, and whatever else they may not be ready to hear John , this point they cannot miss or misapprehend. So have faith in a God who is very personal, who cares, and has all the answers to your problems.

And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him. Janelle Keith on October 1, Janelle Keith on July 30, Janelle Keith on July 23, In every way, in all that we are, and all that we see, seek, and learn -- it needs to come through God's filter of purity. Janelle Keith on July 16, Candice Grey on November 11, Bethany McIlrath on September 13, There was…. Carmen LaBerge on August 20, The strength of your faith. We have to believe God for who He says He is. He is mighty, all-powerful, and all-knowing. Believe it, our God is that BIG.