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They had become slaves of the darkness, and they would not give up their world of darkness without a fight. In history we know them as cruel and evil persons, and power-seeking, unscrupulous leaders. In this way a great struggle between light and darkness began. The leader of the Youngest, who worked with God, was Christ; and the leader of the Eldest, the prince of the darkness, became known as the Devil. Then comes the speech of Christ, in which he stands out as the leader of all human beings and promises that he will not give up on anyone before they all are assembled in God's kingdom.

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He urges us to follow him, and to reject the darkness. The picture that is drawn of God is of the almighty, all-loving father of our spirit, whose love for us is without limits. He would never let any of us be doomed to be eternally lost. Everyone, in the end, will be gathered in God's kingdom; but it is up to each one of us to determine how long or short our road will be. And then there is a speech made by one of God's servants; one of the twelve spirits that God created in His mind even before He was Himself embodied.

The speech takes the form of an intense prayer to mankind, to grow in maturity and to stop the gruesome wars on Earth.

After a number of parables, follows the Commentary, where all the topics of Ardor's Account are further explained. Many more details are given from the development of human life on earth, the early cultures, the sending to the earth of the leader of mankind, Christ, and his life as Jesus of Nazareth.

We also learn more about the work of the spirits of the light, as they, incarnated as human beings through many lives, have worked to give mankind greater skills in all matters, to make life on earth easier, and to give us greater knowledge about our true relation to God.

In the Concluding Summary, the whole story of the great work is told, and the spiritual guide of Johanne Agerskov confirms his identity from his last incarnation as her late father, Rasmus Malling-Hansen. The book's content seems to indicate that the shorter road means a direct rout a straight path rather than a short cut.

In this book the spirit that was incarnated as Saul of Tarsus later, Paul seeks to dispel the dogma he created as Paul. This spirit was assisted with the message by other spiritual intelligences as he had just returned from his most recent incarnation. The spirit relays how he, in his own mind as Paul, formed the idea that Jesus' mission was about his death ; a blood sacrifice that would atone for sin in order to save mankind.

But now this spirit wants to tell us that he, himself, was the originator of this theory; that it never was Jesus' nor the Father's intention to die in order to save human and fallen spirits. In all this is finalized that once these heathen over toned and semi blasphemous ideas i. Paul had great love for Christ but was it is explained how the strained and partly broken relationship with the disciples who walked with Jesus, and the ingrained thoughts of sacrificial law working while he tried to figure out Jesus' death, as well as Satan "at his side" to distort and deceive were all parts of the forming of what has come to be believed as the basis for salvation.

That spirit that was Paul now renders confirmation of the "high spirits" message that it was Christ's life of love, tolerance, and forgiveness that communicated further salvation from Darkness and the evil created from it.

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It was even the greatest part of the mission and Christ's intention while incarnated as Jesus to pray for Ardor Satan, Christ's spiritual brother formerly known as Lucifer, which means bearer of the Light - Ardor has similar meaning but with more of the connotation of what not to do , for his repentance in love even up to the time of Satan's great torture upon him in the desert, known in a distorted version from the Bible as the temptation in the wilderness.

Instead, Christ, under the impossible burden, and in human anxiety, prayed for help for himself - the moment had passed where he could have won back Ardor or Satan. Christ spent the next years until pursuing his brother in compassionate, unfailing love, relying on the Father, doing what it took to convince him to return home. Ardor's return was required to be able to have the books the "golden fruits" come out uncorrupted as has happened with all "holy" books so that everyone would know the "shorter road".

This love of dedication and persistence was to demonstrate the true love of God, the love that forgives your enemy, the love that saves. It was not God but the church leaders, and the people who followed, who crucified Jesus, because they did not understand his message and Satan was inspiring them as well. It is stated that Jesus in no way died to atone for anyone's sins but because of the sin of the people envy, pride, hatred who delivered him up to be put to death.

This book also contains a speech by Christ, in which he asks us not to look upon him as God as God "the Father" is a separate being , but as our beloved brother; and to turn to God, the true "Father" of our spirit, when we are in need of help or comfort. Surprisingly, God will supposedly consider, for example, someone's woe filled thoughts for the suffering of mankind as a prayer for help toward them even though one or both are "unbelievers".

The last part is the account of another spirit, who once was incarnated as Ignatius Loyola , a high priest of an ancient civilization. He, by experience, relays how we can take the shorter road toward the Light by forgiving even our enemies and everybody who has done wrong to us; and most of all, to forgive the fallen spirits and their leader, now named Ardor, who are responsible for an existence started in Darkness and all suffering on earth.

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Explanation of forgiveness includes how the one giving forgiveness, not just the wrongdoer, will be freed of the "power of Darkness". In reality, the Eldest the fallen spirits, demons, the third of the angels that fell from heaven have suffered and will suffer the most in total for the evil done and from the millions of years they have been without contact to God, their Father, convinced under the influence of Darkness, that God would not forgive but even do away with them.

Clarification is made, though, that God had only grieved for them and longed for their return. The idea of a "wrath filled, vengeful God" came about by the workings of the fallen ones themselves. Ardor, along with most of the fallen spirits possibly all in the present day , have now turned away from their life of evil and returned to God and await their fate. They wait for forgiveness from their own creatures. The darkness is still present on earth, but no longer has a leader. In Toward the Light Ardor tells the true story about his fall into darkness, confessing all his gruesome evil doings.

Now he asks us all if we can have the heart to forgive him and the rest. And if we do, we will participate in bringing themselves and all mankind a giant step "Toward the Light" and into the Kingdom. It is not a short cut but a road made shorter by forgiving a straight path instead of windy , in effect shortening the time of retribution and this part of mankind's existence on earth.

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  • For our sins and evil actions, they want us each to know that we must seek that remorse that desires forgiveness from those we have done wrong and find that forgiveness, making it right balancing the scales , or meet the consequences of our actions in later incarnations. This law wasn't God's intention but is used for spiritual maturing and can be overridden by forgiveness or His law of love. Toward the Light was sent to all the bishops of the Danish church and to 60 ministers. The Agerskovs had been told that the men to whom they sent the book had, before incarnating, promised to contribute to a reformation of the Danish church, based on the knowledge given in Toward the Light.

    But they all kept quiet, and even though Toward the Light had many followers among the common people, there was not much public interest in the book. Even though the story of Toward the Light had started with Johanne and Michael Agerskov's interest in spiritism, they appealed to all spiritists to stop their activities and not to call upon their dead ancestors' spirits any more. They said that this only causes problems for the dead, as they need to rest and to make preparations for their next incarnation on earth.

    If the spirits of the light call upon us, we should be prepared to help them; otherwise God tells us not to try to call on the spirits of the dead. Let us live decently as people do in the. Our focus on the light of Christ is a way of living vigilantly. We are on the watch for Jesus. He is very close but we might miss him. You must stand ready because the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect [9]. We are preoccupied with other things. His approach is usually gentle and is always very respectful of our freedom.

    The light of Christ is not glaring. We marvel at the Lord and his doings but he does not customarily dazzle us.

    A philosopher traces the gradual defeat of bigotry by the forces of rationalism

    He enters our life discreetly. Like a burglar, he acts clandestinely. Jesus however is not a robber.

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    Stealthily he comes to enrich us. Imperceptibly, like a thief in the night, he unveils our dearest possession. By the light of Christ, we discover the truth about who he is and what he seeks to do for us. Like a vigilant householder we stay awake for the arrival of this most welcome intruder [10].

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    We watch for the light. When we see it at last we realise that it is bright enough for us to live by. The Lord who is the light of our life reveals himself to us peacefully. However once recognised, Jesus transforms everything for us. Let us arm ourselves and appear in the light [11]. Yet it is God who draws near. The Lord of the universe reaches down to us. His mastery dawns on us. We are learning not to underestimate the divine power which communicates itself so mildly.

    Towards the Light

    We are commanded to welcome Jesus, the Son, in peace. He will wield authority over the nations and adjudicate between many peoples; these will hammer their swords into ploughshares, their spears into sickles [12]. Our equipping ourselves to live in the light of Christ includes our reconciliation with those with whom we have been at odds. With a firm resolve we step away from the darkness. We are robbed of nothing. However we find that when the darkness lifts we have been freed from much that formerly impeded us. We renounce that in our life which once clashed with Christ.

    We happily give up our capacity to cut and wound.