What Is Man? - Discover the secrets of your spirit, soul and body.

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I wouldn't have called it "made up myths", though. Don't be condescending just because you don't believe it. Their opinions are just as valid as yours. I like your last sentence. Asking what they're afraid of. To me, it's simply being afraid of being wrong. What if there is more after death and because you or me or whoever didn't take it seriously we were not given entry or were punished?

It's a legitimate question that could have extremely important consequences. It's a question each one of us will have to answer at some point in our lives.

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One can have opinions about matters of taste. One cannot legitimately hold opinions about matters of fact. And you are still assuming a "FACT" that has not been established. In actual sense, we r afraid of our mentality That means we think that if we will do these than and only than god will protect us Do you actually have any evidence of these events at all?

I'm not denying a god's existence and I have no intention of offending you in any way whatsoever, but could you link these events or explain any possible scientific out look on these things? I'm only trying to look at things objectively here, I bare no ill intent. These stories have either been proven hoax or the proof is in the eye of the beholder rather then scientific proof having gone through the scientific method.

In other words show this proof you speak of. Just one example would be that guy you think didn't eat anything for a year. I did some research on it. For the most part they are just taking his word on it. It's not done under laboratory conditions and he could have easily cheated.

That not proof. Faith is gullibility.

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  • In Matthew He gave a servant back to his master to be tortured because he went out and tried to strangle another servant for owing him money. Not only does Jesus endorse slavery but he also endorses slave abuse. Nowhere does Jesus endorse slavery or slave abuse. Try reading the gospels for yourself instead of misrepresenting an atheist writer's misreading of a parable Jesus allegedly told.

    I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place. If a person believes in Jesus Christ, he should be consistent and believe that the Old Testament and its accounts are correct.

    The Three Parts of Man—Spirit, Soul, and Body

    And if Jesus also denounced parts of the Old Testament then he is a hypocrite and not worthy of respect, much less worship. Stick to science, science boy. You have tried to make a new case for why no one should respect or worship Jesus that has little at all to do with your first claim that Jesus supports slavery. You clearly have little basic Christian understanding of how Jesus is said to have fulfilled the Old Testament law, and that all of the laws of the prophets are summed up in Jesus' two instructions to love your neighbour as yourself and love God with all your heart and soul and mind.

    A black and white literalist approach to myth and theology is a lazy approach, as varying grades of priority and emphasis can readily be drawn from ancient scriptures usually but not always for good, alas. Anyway, it's all mythology, in my opinion, so you know as little about whether or not Jesus was a trustworthy guy based on what made it into what is now considered canonical as I or anyone else does. And either way, your first claim remains false. When you wrote your lovely comment trying to defend your lovely god who says that he love us, ppls died, or more, kids, parents, religious ppls and atheists maybe When you will prove me dragons existed I do not know what you are talking about regarding people being saved?

    Your reading comprehension cannot be very good either as I stated above that it is all myth in my opinion. I am not defending my "lovely god" as I don't believe in God or gods. I was merely correcting a poster who doesn't know what he is talking about. But I'm flattered that you find my comments "lovely"! Jesus did indeed support the old testament as good and holy and necessary. He and his apostles even welcomed slaves in as fellow brothers in Christ.

    So, God introduced the old testament law that, for the time of the old testament, at least legislated better treatment of slaves, changing things at a pace people could better manage while still challenging them to change. If a baby is just starting to crawl, you don't expect them to suddenly jump up and run the Boston marathon. If you seriously have to go through that much effort and justification in order to support your own belief, I'd wager it isn't the case. Occam's Razor, my friend. There are multiple verses in the Bible endorsing and supporting slavery including the new testament if you don't know this then clearly you haven't read it as much as you think, or you just nit pick what you want to believe either way Google it and you will find the verses.

    You are an intelligent person, Iffy But you must realize that you're only referencing half the parable here. The king didn't punish the servant and reinstate the debt until the servant refused to be charitable like he had been, until the servant refused to show that same forgiveness for a much smaller debt. God forgives a lot, but He also expects us to glorify Him by forgiving ourselves.

    Longevity and Lifestyle

    We have a responsibility in this deal, too. Also, in terms of the parable, that second servant was probably just as important to the king as the first--the two servants were on equal footing as far as the king was concerned. So, by refusing to forgive the second servant for a little debt, the first servant was, in a way, saying the king was foolish to forgive him of the big debt--which is rejecting the king. Lanza, you are wrong, there has been a lot of research done - you simply don't have the right books! I'm not surprised; even our book choices are a reflection of our bias Most folks do not ever entertain the fact that we each are ultimately alone in our life experience.

    I have found this reality to be enlightening, but every once in a while sad. I enjoyed your piece and have an agnostic friend I will give a copy of it to. Even religion or perhaps more accurately and neutrally metaphysics can be compatible with science as an approach to non-material phenomena.

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    • The problem is more ideological, i. A very good comment Dominia. Indeed, ideologies are the problem and not only religious but materialist ideologies too. As science, transpersonal enquires are an attempt to expand beyond ordinary experience. However, while science does this by using instruments such as microscopes or telescopes, spirituality transcend normal perception by the means of personal transformation.

      If both methods are free from ideological baggage and practice with rigour they are not incompatible. This point is discussed in detail at thesynthesis. BTW: your Agnostic friend would probably like you to to not try to recruit him into your fairy world The soul exists and is as one with the body.

      The soul is within the physical body and is independent to it although whatever the body does in the short time that it is on earth, it affects the soul. There is another existence after death of the body which is not bound to time. Yeah love can't be known because you can't conclusive prove your significant other loves you. They could just be acting this way to get stuff from you. I'd like to study you to find meta-death, a new form of null existence based on your null existence. There are centers of the brain that show when emotions are being experienced.

      Love, anger, psychopathy, fear, hunger, etc. Love is not the same as an emotion. You cannot choose to have an emotion, just a response to it. Furthermore, emotions come and go, and love constant. Attraction is an emotion or a passion. It is not the same as love. We can't help who we're attracted to, but we can help who we actually love.

      How God Created Us

      So, as a married man, I am still attracted and feel emotions toward other women. But I simply don't act on those emotions, and in fact subordinate them to my will. Love is willing the good of another, not at all an emotion. I don't agree that you choose whom you love. Certainly you can choose the person you become involved with.

      Scientists Discovered What Happens After Death: Consciousness Moves To Another Universe

      But love is no more a choice than many other feelings. But on a deeper level, with the absence of free will, it is true that no feeling is a choice, consciously. Our valley of trouble is His door of hope, and from there He changes our names and moves us from slaves to sons, from servants to married ones. Then other things can happen or not, but regardless, we can live in the feast of fulfillment in the midst of incompleteness. Jesus is genius! Bring your friends, your spouse, or simply yourself. Jubilee Ladies Night Out!